Newest iOS is out

Hello All-

Apple has released iOS 9.2.1.

You can install it on your machine and the student machines.

Apple is promising BIG changes with the next release on iOS 9.3. The biggest game changer is going to be the ability to have kids share iPads and log into them individually.

We’ll keep you posted.

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Task Cards and App Smashing

For those of you new to the term “App Smashing” simply means using several apps to create something…so Popplet, with Camera, with QuickVoice all used for one final product.

I came across this on Twitter – it is “App Smash/Task Cards” that you would put at a station and the kids would follow the cards to create the product. You might need to ‘tweak’ the apps used or it might give you some new ideas.

What do you think?

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Plickers… Clickers….but FREE

Plickers stands for Paper Clickers…get it? Cool, huh.

Plickers is an easy way to replace the ‘clickers’ of yesteryear and no batteries, no software, no registration. Did I mention No Batteries?!

Here is how it works:

  1. You print out a paper ‘plicker’ for each student (card stock is great, but don’t laminate them- the lamination can make them have a glare and then they won’t work).
  2. Each plicker has a number- you should assign each kid a number (maybe their cubby numbers might work well)
  3. Build your questions at (for FREE)
  4. Using your iPad (or phone, if you’d prefer) download the Plickers app
  5. Launch the app and ask a question.
  6. The kids hold up their plickers (each side has a letter A, B, C, D) and you scan their answers.
  7. On to the next question

Plickers is constantly changing and adding new features- they’ve added folders and the ability to upload pictures to questions in the last year or so.

If you’d like to try them out, let me know and I’d be happy to help.


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Kahoot with a twist

For those of you looking for something like Kahoot but want something where getting the answer FAST isn’t the goal and want the questions in a random order…enter Quizizz.

Just like with Kahoot, every student needs a device, however, you could set this up as a station that the kids rotate through.

This one is new to me, too, but I’d love to try it out with you.

A link to Quizizz is found here.

A link to Tony Vincent’s blog review/explanation is here.

Kids DO not need accounts for Quizizz and teacher accounts are FREE!

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Updating to the latest iOS

If you haven’t already done so, you will want to update your iPads to the latest iOS.

To check that an update is available:

Go to Settings>General>Software Update>Install now

Walk through any prompts. You can say no to any questions asked. No username or password will be needed (if it asks for one, you can click ‘skip’).

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Coding with kids in the K-2 classroom

The Hour of Code just wrapped up and I wanted to share out some ideas for those are you looking to include coding in your classroom with the iPads.

Here are two of my favorite apps:

Bee-Bot: This is a very simple app. Great for k-1. No logins needed and kids can ‘jump’ around to more difficult levels.

Daisy the Dinosaur: This is a much more advanced coding app. Kids will need to be able to read to use this app.

There are many more apps the fall between these two. If you are interested, let me know.

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1st Grade All About Me

Popplet is an app that has become a staple in many iPad classrooms. 1st Grade students at Lower Allen Elementary School used Popplet to create an All About Me project. Students included information about their favorites, school, and even their future plans.

Here is a nice example from Mrs. Anderson’s class…

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Creating a Web Clip Icon

If you have a website you use use often in your classroom, you can provide a custom icon that you can display on your iPads’ home screen using the web clip feature. Students simply tap the icon to reach the website in one easy step. You can create an icon that represents a website as a whole or an icon that represents a specific webpage on that site.

Simply visit the website for which you’d like to create an icon. Click on the Share iconĀ . Then choose Share to Home Screen. Rename it. Tap Add and you are done.

Click the link below for a screencast of how and why you would add a web clip to your iPad. (this video is housed on YouTube, so you will need to authenticate to view it when you’re in the school district)

Creating a Web Clip Video

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iPad Screenshot

Take a screenshot of what’s on your iPad screen:

Press the home button and the sleep button (on the top of the iPad on the right) at the same time. Timing should be like you’re taking a picture with a camera. If you hold those two buttons at the same time too long, your iPad will shut down. It only takes a quick press. You should see the screen flash and, if you have your sound on, you’ll here a camera shutter sound effect.

Any screenshot image that is taken can be found in the Camera Roll in the Photos app.

Click on the link below for a quick video (the video is on YouTube, so you’ll need to be authenticated to watch it in the District).

Screenshot Video

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Popplet App Review

Popplet lite is a free app designed for the iPad that allows users to visualize and organize ideas into graphic organizers, mind maps, timelines, diagrams and more. Add text, free writing, images, and color to your Popplet canvas. Help students think and learn visually by compiling facts and thoughts and create relationships between them.


Click the link below for a tour of Popplet lite that includes how to get started and some possible classroom uses. (this video is housed on YouTube, so you will need to authenticate to view it)

Popplet lite app review


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