1st Grade All About Me

Popplet is an app that has become a staple in many iPad classrooms. 1st Grade students at Lower Allen Elementary School used Popplet to create an All About Me project. Students included information about their favorites, school, and even their future plans.

Here is a nice example from Mrs. Anderson’s class…

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Creating a Web Clip Icon

If you have a website you use use often in your classroom, you can provide a custom icon that you can display on your iPads’ home screen using the web clip feature. Students simply tap the icon to reach the website in one easy step. You can create an icon that represents a website as a whole or an icon that represents a specific webpage on that site.

Simply visit the website for which you’d like to create an icon. Click on the Share icon . Then choose Share to Home Screen. Rename it. Tap Add and you are done.

Click the link below for a screencast of how and why you would add a web clip to your iPad. (this video is housed on YouTube, so you will need to authenticate to view it when you’re in the school district)

Creating a Web Clip Video

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iPad Screenshot

Take a screenshot of what’s on your iPad screen:

Press the home button and the sleep button (on the top of the iPad on the right) at the same time. Timing should be like you’re taking a picture with a camera. If you hold those two buttons at the same time too long, your iPad will shut down. It only takes a quick press. You should see the screen flash and, if you have your sound on, you’ll here a camera shutter sound effect.

Any screenshot image that is taken can be found in the Camera Roll in the Photos app.

Click on the link below for a quick video (the video is on YouTube, so you’ll need to be authenticated to watch it in the District).

Screenshot Video

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Popplet App Review

Popplet lite is a free app designed for the iPad that allows users to visualize and organize ideas into graphic organizers, mind maps, timelines, diagrams and more. Add text, free writing, images, and color to your Popplet canvas. Help students think and learn visually by compiling facts and thoughts and create relationships between them.


Click the link below for a tour of Popplet lite that includes how to get started and some possible classroom uses. (this video is housed on YouTube, so you will need to authenticate to view it)

Popplet lite app review


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Finding Copyright Friendly Images Using Google

In a recent post, it was mentioned that students completed a project where they located copyright friendly images of their animal using Google. Here is a review of how to find those copyright friendly images on the Internet using Google.


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Aurasma Tutorials with Two Guys and Some iPads

There is a great site called Two Guys and Some iPads, which is run by Brad Waid (@techbradwaid) and Drew Minock (@techminock), and they not only have amazing resources, but they also have an outstanding podcast on iTunes you can listen to!

One of their fantastic blog entries covers the augmented reality app Aurasma that we’ve been talking so much about. They have an entire series of Aurasma video tutorials that explain the following topics we’ve covered:

  • Creating an Aurasma Studio account
  • Adding a trigger image
  • Adding an overlay
  • Creating an aura
  • Creating a channel
  • How to follow a channel
  • And they continue to add more advanced features as well

This is an outstanding resource for those of you that need assistance as you integrate this app into your classroom. Please feel free to email me with questions or for help in the classroom!


- Chris

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Animals in the Rainforest: From Research to Product by Kirste Failla

Currently in my second grade class we are learning about animals that live in the rainforest.  We are learning to use multiple applications to complete a research project.  First, we used the i-nigma app to scan a QR code to take us to a website where we would learn more information about animals of the rainforest.  We then used graphic organizers to take notes about the features of a chosen animal.

Next, we learned how to search for copywrite friendly images using Google.  After editing and saving our images we imported them into Popplet.  Using Popplet, we created our final product based on our research.  After completion we used Dropbox to save our projects.

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Educreations Basics

Educreations is a recordable interactive whiteboard that captures your voice and handwriting to produce amazing video lessons that you can share online. Students and colleagues can replay lessons in any web browser, or from within the app on their iPads. Check out the “Showcase” on the Educreations homepage or the “Featured” tab in the iPad app to view some great lessons that other teachers have created with Educreations. Below is a quick video tutorial from Jim Gates that covers the basics for getting started with this app. Click on the link to get started.

Getting started with Educreations


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The 5 Senses and Popplet with Michelle Brymesser

Students in Mrs. Brymesser‘s first grade class were studying the 5 senses and all that goes along with them. Mrs. Brymesser had students work in pairs to capture images that represent each of the 5 senses. Students then used a paper and pencil template to write their sentences. After the writing was done, students used the Popplet app to have students combine each image and the accompanying piece of writing. When each popplet was complete, students took a screenshot and turned them in via the server using the WebDAV Nav app. This allowed Mrs. Brymesser to access them on her computer to print and display them.


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Math Talk using Reflector with Mrs. Fazzolari

When we are learning about math mountains (and using them to solve story problems), I have my students work in small groups to solve these types of problems. To assist in improving their “Math Talk”, I have the students share their work and explain how they solved the problem. They do this by using Doodle Buddy to solve their problem and then using Reflector to show it on the board as they explain it to the class.

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